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 Community Outreach

We believe we can have the greatest impact in our community with strategic and targeted outreach programs that reaches every corner of the county.

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Educational Programs

School tours are a real pleasure to guide through the Museum, especially when most of the children have never seen a dial telephone or an iron that runs on kerosene.  Tour our Farm and Annex Ranch house that sets you back to days without electricity or indoor plumbing.

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Mining History

Learn how the search for Copper (Cu) from by the 1890's miners who started from pick and shovel operations, and underground mining has led to open-pit mining in the region's mountainous terrain.

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Video Program

There are many people who may never step inside our museum and working on filling this gap.  We are in the process of creating online videos that will take you on ride on the history of Greenlee County.  

This program is in the works and will let you know when videos become available.

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