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Donald Lunt
There is no better teacher than history in determining the future. 
Donald Lunt

Board of Directors

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The Greenlee County Historical Society's aim is to keep history alive.  We focus on gathering and telling stories of those often left out of history books.  GCHS Board of Directors is dedicated to preserving and sharing history.

Board Members

Espie Castaneda

Joe Fout

Ray Frasquillo

Alicia Guerra

TJ Gomez

Tim Guzzo

Victoria Harriman

Josephine Lunt

Tammie McWhinney

Vicky Morales

Bernabe Morales

Marla Kaye Skinner

Laura Washington

Daphene Wilkes

Board Officers

Tammy McWhinney, President

Laura Washington, Vice President

Espie Castaneda, Treasurer

Victoria Harriman

Museum Archivist

Alicia Guerra / Victoria Harriman

Gift Shop Manager

Board of Director Opportunties

If you would like to learn more or know of a person you believe would embrace serving on the Board of Directors contact Espie Castaneda at  New three-year terms begin July 1.  

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