The Greenlee County Historical Society Museum serves as a home for the relics of an age of mining long past and the community that built it. The exhibits and artifacts housed within tell the stories of an industry and its people who have since been supplanted by newer technologies and largely automated mechanisms. But while visitors to the modern mine are unlikely to see anyone swing a pick-ax or light a gas lantern, any patron of the museum will be able to step back in time and feel the power of an industry built on the backs of intrepid men and daring women.

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Did You Know...
  • At one time, as many as 25 school districts were established throughout the area, with some being a simple one-room building.

  • In 1910, the combined population of the Clifton-Morenci area neared 18,000, forming one of the largest mining districts in Arizona.

  • As described in the Copper Era of February 23, 1905, the Morenci YMCA played the University of Arizona in basketball. It was the first-ever game for the university team, winning 40-32. 

Excerpts from Clifton and Morenci Mining District.

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