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Bernabe Morales   (928) 865-2719

Joe Fout   (928) 215-0829

Tammie McWhinney  (928) 687-1454

Did You Know...
  • At one time, as many as 25 school districts were established throughout the area, with some being a simple one-room building.

  • In 1910, the combined population of the Clifton-Morenci area neared 18,000, forming one of the largest mining districts in Arizona.

  • As described in the Copper Era of February 23, 1905, the Morenci YMCA played the University of Arizona in basketball. It was the first-ever game for the university team, winning 40-32. 

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Upcoming Events

Excerpts from Clifton and Morenci Mining District.

Copies available in the GCHS gift shop.

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