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About Us

Greenlee County has seen Coronado's conquest and Geronimo's raids, outlaws and epidemics, destructive fire and devastating floods and the struggles to build Arizona's first railroad, bank and a vast Copper Empire.

In 1974 a number of pioneers - ranchers, farmers, merchants, miners, educators and political leaders - banded to form the Greenlee County Historical Society.


The mission of the Greenlee County Historical Society shall be: to collect, preserve, interpret and disseminate relevant and historically significant materials pertaining to Greenlee County and Arizona and to develop and maintain ethical, effective and efficient professional standards in carrying out these endeavors for the benefit of present and future generations.

GCHS Museum

Originally known as the Eagle Hall, the building currently occupied by the Greenlee County Historical Society Museum was built by Antonio and Ambrose Spezia in 1913. Its parapet is covered with elaborate cornices and the designation: Fraternal Order of the Eagles, Aerie 1690. The Eagle organization was then, as it is today, a social-charitable organization made of workmen and artisans. The upper floor was originally used for meetings and for periodic dances—the dances were sometimes colorful masquerades lasting until the early hours of the morning. At one time, a balcony ran the full length of the building on the upper floor, east side. During parties, guests frequently went out on the balcony for fresh air and also to settle disputes. At least one person was known to fall from the balcony to the ground below, with no injuries. The upper floor was also used for offices of the city's Police Court with Justice of the Peace Matt Danenhauer serving as judge. In contrast the lower floor was occupied by J. Alvarez's Meat Market. Meat sold there was obtained from local ranchers (Medina, Gatti or Zorrilla) and was displayed and sold from large screen cages in the store.

2022-23 Board of Directors 


Tammie McWhinney, President

Laura Washington, Vice-President

Sandra Montoya, Secretary

Espie Castaneda, Treasurer

Doug Barlow   

Joe Fout  

Ray Frasquillo  

Josephine Lunt  

Vicky Morales  

Bernabe Morales 

Marla Kaye Skinner 

Daphene Wilkes  

Chase Creek General Store - Catholic Church in background
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